Well, I’ll Be a Stinky Turkey!

Sandpiper has a new owner with plans to continue his cruising life in the Bahamas.

I will now turn my attention to writing my blog; lots of good memories to share. Thirty-eight years of sailing adventures, 14 on our Cape Dory Beowulf and 17 on our Shucker Motorsailer Sandpiper.

The spirit that compels one to seek adventure, investigate the unknown and absorb much of this planet never dies. I think it evolves. Neither Mike nor I grew up around water, but we were always lured in that direction. And, now we want to channel that curious spirit in other ways: Africa, our last continent to explore; Paris or London at Christmas; Switzerland in winter; Iceland, maybe Finland to see the aurora borealis….or watch it all on National Geographic. It just doesn’t matter.

But, please do continue to check out my blog for a bit of armchair excitement!


  1. Will continue to enjoy your travels. I am so happy to have shared some of these – in our trip from Naples to Marco & your visit. Our Christmas on Sandpiper with dinner at THE Club! THX Stay healthy. X & O’s. Mom


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